Prestonwood Pet Clinic and Pepper Square Pet Clinic were purchased in 1986 by Dr. Gary Bridges from Dr. Bill Lilly who opened Prestonwood in 1979.  In September 2013, after years in practice, Dr. Bridges made the hard decision to retire and sell his practices to Legacy Veterinary Group. Their practices live on with our wonderful veterinarians Dr. Andrea Bright and Dr. Simone Lalvani who will continue to love and care for their clients and patients. With our network of animal hospitals available through Legacy Veteriary Group, we also have access to 24 hour Emergency Care and Veterinary Specialty Services.  Our 8 sister clinics are; Hillside Veterinary Clinic, Dallas Veterinary Specialists, Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic, Preston Royal Animal Clinic, Canyon Creek Animal Clinic, Town East Animal Hospital, Liberty Grove Animal Hospital and Rowlett Veterinary Clinic. As we grow we will continue to strive for improvement for many years to come.